Controlled Tree Topping

The tree shear can cut and remove tops from ground level up to 9m and handle trees up to 600mm in diameter. Being able to top trees well above the height most machines can reach retains optimum wind shelter and better tree stability. It’s controlled cut and placement capabilities make it ideal for tight spots around homes or barns.

The cutting unit utilises a superior precision twin blade shearing method rather than the more common single blade. This delivers a very precise, clean cut which prevents any crushing or splitting damage to the remaining trunk.

This advanced equipment enables us to perform a treetopping service of the highest standard and should be considered a sound investment for the long term health of your trees.

Tall Tree Topping

For when “Taller is better” we have our boom extension saw for topping and siding, which operates up to 17m high! This means you can manage your trees while retaining optimum wind shelter and better tree stability.

We only use saws for tall topping and side trimming, this enables a closer cut without harming the tree and creates far less mess to clean up as the branches drop by the hedge!

Storm Fall Clearance

Clearing large deadfall and storm felled trees can be a time consuming and dangerous job. The grapple arm on our rig allows us to manoeuvre large and awkward trees into a safe position before cutting. The cut sections are then easily stacked in piles if required.

Don’t take chances; call in the professionals!

Dairy Conversion

Dairy Conversion is a straight forward procedure with the boom saw extension in place. It is highly efficient at creating a fence that will be the perfect height for your irrigation rigs to glide over. With the 18 ton log loader cleaning up behind we will be out of your way in no time letting you get back to your work with maximum speed and minimum fuss!

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